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Our Mission

To raise awareness about education, research and new technologies about cancer on Long Island through a media focused on-air campaign on the Connoisseur Media Long Island radio stations, informing listeners and reinforcing the importance of early detection, frequent screening and examinations.

Why should I be screened for cancer?

Breast, cervical and colorectal cancer may not always cause symptoms, but there are screening tests that can find these cancers early. Early cancer detection saves lives.

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What if I need treatment or if something is found during the CSP?

Get info on how NYS will help you cover costs of aditional testing and treatments available to both men and women who have a cancer screening through the CSP.

NO Cost Screenings are provided in local clinics, health centers, doctor's offices and hospitals in every county and borough of NY State by health care providers participating in the CSP.

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The 2015 Radio for a Cure Luncheon
at Carlyle on the Green at Bethpage State Park.